Tao Of Blogging: 10 Reasons A Blog Gets No Traffic

10 Reasons A Blog Gets No Traffic

There are 10 reasons why a new blog gets no traffic.  If you are new to blogging, you also need to know that it takes time, a lot of work, and persistence to succeed at blogging.

Is it just 10 reasons and no more?  That is not the case, but I want to simplify things a bit and focus on the 10 most important reasons.

As a beginning blogger, I was unprepared by the incredible effort needed to drive traffic.  I knew it would be difficult, but after going through the process, words like “hard” and “incredible” acquire new meaning.

Experts make it seem very easy to grow traffic and inflate expectations for newcomers just getting started.  A new blogger has to cover a lot of different aspects of blogging to make blogging successful.

Are there bloggers out there that get incredible traffic almost overnight?  It may be possible, but it is not the norm.  If they managed to generate a lot of traffic, they are probably not new to blogging or they are incredibly lucky.

Your Blog Is Fairly New

To all new bloggers out there, this one is one is hard to swallow.  This reason is also very self-evident.  Like a new company or brand, we need time to build our reputation.  I’m currently in the same boat as you are.  Now you know you are not alone. 

Many blogs fail because people give up too soon.  You will need time to build your name and for people to know that you exist.  Things may seem to go nowhere, but do not despair.  I know how you feel, but please hang on.

 Your Headlines Aren’t Catchy

This one is somewhat self-evident.  How do you come up with a catchy headline or title?  You can google for a number of blogs that can introduce you to this topic.  There is 1 thing you can already do to make your headline more appealing.  Reverse psychology seems to make a good foundation for catchy headlines.

For example:

20 Things You Do To Amass A Fortune

Try this instead:

20 Things Billionaires Don’t Share To Amass Wealth

Honestly, which of the two titles or headlines would you click?  I am willing to bet that the SECOND one makes you want to click more.  The first headline just TELLS you how to make that fortune.  The second one is telling that you have been MISSING OUT big time on tips that could have made you a billionaire ALREADY!  

Nobody wants to miss out.  It makes you feel left out and that you are ALREADY missing out on an opportunity as we speak.

Go ahead and click on it.  Don’t let another opportunity pass you by.

You get the point.

Are you feeling the “headline blues”?  Do you feel uninspired to write a blog at all?

Here are some tools to help you create that “more catchy” headline and get you started.

Want an SEO optimized headline or title try here.

Need a good blog topic to write about today?  Try this for a change.

Make Your Posting Search Engine Friendly

Write blog articles that are SEO friendly.  What is SEO you ask?  SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.  If you write your blog with SEO in mind, Google will bring more traffic your way.  Make it easier for Google to find your post, and Google will bring in more readers.

There is a learning curve to understand SEO, but it is not rocket science.  Get a good grasp of SEO and it will drive more traffic your way.  It will take a bit time to make it part of your blog writing strategy.  Be sure to check for changes and updates done to the Google engine to keep your blog posting SEO friendly – the way Google likes it.

Here are some tools to get you started with SEO.  Play with it and see what keywords you need to have to make your content Google friendly.

This is a tool from Wordstream that you can try.

This is a relatively new and growing SEO tool called Ubersuggest.

Last but not least is this other SEO keyword lookup engine from Keyword Guru.

Build Up On Your Social Media Following

The blog content you make needs a willing audience to lend its ears to you. Use social media to gain that audience. 

Depending on the niche, you may or may not need a very large audience.  Regardless of niche,  more audience is definitely more preferable. 

A great majority of blog readers coming to your site are not necessarily frequent readers – a lot of them come and go.

Your goal is to gain an audience that will stay with you – audience retention.  Get a large audience to develop a greater chance for potential audience retention. 

If you get 1000 readers and your retention rate is 10%, you get to keep 100 followers.

If you get 100 readers and your retention rate is 10%, you only get to keep 10 followers.

This becomes even more clear when you do things like ads and affiliate marketing.  Your earning power follows the same pattern.

This makes clear sense, doesn’t it?

Work On Your Posting Frequency

This one is a tough one.  As you begin to blog, writing can get to you.  It gets you sooner or later.  Writing is stressful even when you love writing about your topic.

You must persevere and NOT allow yourself to fall into inconsistency when it comes to posting for your blog.  Regular readers come to read when you have things for them to read regularly – obvious, isn’t it?  

Make your posting schedule match that frequency.  Have you noticed that magazines come out weekly or monthly? Major publications like newspapers and journals publish on a predictable and frequent basis.  Consistency and frequency will determine the loyalty of your followers and overall website readership.

Work On Your Content Quality

Boring or irrelevant blog postings can kill your traffic.  If you don’t have traffic, bad content or poor content will keep you there.  

Find out what your audience is looking for.  Give them something worth reading.  Offer your readers exactly the information they seek, whatever that topic or problem may be.

Your Blog’s Niche or Purpose Is Unclear

Don’t go off topic.  The more focused your niche and blog topic is, the easier is to stay on topic.  Sometimes your niche might be broad enough and keeping focus becomes twice as hard.  

When visitors come to your website, they need to be clear about what your site has to offer.  Reader’s don’t like to figure out what your site is about.  They want to know right away and find that information they are looking for as soon as possible.  They will leave otherwise.

If your site has great content, they will come more regularly and might even consider to sign up to your site – giving you chance to build your mailing list.  

Keep in mind the type of niche you are in.  A fitness blog would include several topics such as exercising tips, but writing about nutrition would not be off-topic because food and diet are integral to successful fitness.

A blog about fashion should not have a segway within the article about cooking.

Distribute Content To All Possible Social Media Channels

Social Media is the premier content promotion strategy nowadays.  Your audience uses these same social media platforms to keep in touch with each other and search for information.  If you are a blogger, you are an information provider.  Promote your content where your audience expects to find it.

Some examples are Youtube, Pinterest, Slideshare, Podcast, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr are a few of these social media channels for bloggers to spend the time to explore.  The better and the sooner you master these social media channels, the more quickly and efficiently you can build traffic for your website. 

Social media channels put at your disposal the tools and the audience you need to build the type of writing.  Some of the channels host user gatherings that amount to millions of users.

There MUST be an audience somewhere out there looking for what you have to offer.

Optimize Your Content Distribution Methods

Capitalize on every possible social media channel out there to make a presence with your content – with an eye for optimization.

Find out which channels work best for you and focus even more effort on those channels.  Depending on the niche, nature of your blog, and readership, some channels seem to attract much more of the “right or better” traffic that is suited to your site.

As of this moment, Pinterest seems to be doing something for me that any of the other channels – but it can change at any time.  I’m putting extra effort on this particular channel even more than the other channels.  

Continuously study your reader trends with any and all analytics tools at your disposal to find the pattern about what your audience is doing and adjust accordingly. 

Engage With Other Blogs And Bloggers

Comment on other peoples blogs and try guest posting.  This is a hard one to do these days because many established blogs are very picky and unwilling to share any traffic your way.  Some sites have decided to get rid of comments altogether.

There is still some hope, however.  Check for smaller blogs with some following that is within your niche.  These smaller blogs are usually much more receptive, have less strict guideless for posting, and are more willing to share their traffic if you write a good post. 

These smaller blogs also seem to be more community oriented and are not too picky about whether you are of renown to accept your guest post request.

Take advantage of the other people’s networks.



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