Tales Of The Strange: A Theory of Utter Somesense

Some say that you cannot make something out of nothing.  However, nothing people say has any truth, if at all.  That’s because people often say something but really mean nothing  – or something else.  Some mathematicians say that if you know there is nothing, then you acknowledge that there is actually something.  Otherwise, you would say it is empty.

Empty is the state of being void.  If you void something you make it into nothing and it is gone – all nullified.  Does it mean you nullified something?  If you did nullify something then you can’t call it nothing.  You can’t nullify nothing.  Now you are really making something out of nothing!  Why would you even bother voiding something if nothing is there?  You see? Maybe there is something. When you say nothing you are likely denying something, and you are making something-something out of nothing.  That would make anyone mad.

Anyone having nothing would be mad.  After all, if you have nothing, you ought to get something somehow.  Don’t we all look for something in life?  Why else would we want to survive so badly?  Most of us start with nothing–literally naked at birth–and then something starts.  Cells combine to make something out of nothing.  Nothing then becomes something after a while, somehow. 

Now the question is how to get some?  It is hard to get some if a lady says ‘no’.  Why would a lady say no if there is nothing of anything?  Maybe she said ‘no’ because it is empty.  But if she is so adamant and says ‘no’, then maybe there is something, and not nothing as her reaction would indicate.  I think there is really something going on.  Maybe she didn’t mean to say ‘no’.  Something tells me she said on.  If she said no, maybe it is nothing.  If she said ‘yes’, then maybe something is on.  I’m glad we agree that it wasn’t nothing after all.  Something fishy is going on here, but I see no fish.  Maybe it is not fish but sausages.  There is nothing fishy about sausages.

Wait a minute! You need meat to make sausages.  Now I’m hungry because you said sausages.  I really need something like sausages and I can no longer have nothing in my stomach.  My stomach is now upset because there is nothing in it and it wants something.  However, I have nothing right now.  That makes no sense because nothing means there is something that is not there.  That would mean it is empty.  Nothing can be empty because there are atoms. 

Atoms are something.  Just because you can’t see it, you should not say that something is not there.  Maybe that lady was unaware that there is something between the two of you and not nothing as you thought, otherwise.  That something between you and the lady is probably sausages.

Maybe you and that lady can start something.  This could be the beginning of something even though it started out with almost nothing.  Maybe sausages were not available when that lady said ‘no’, but then she said yes and she was on for the barbecue when she felt there was nothing fishy about it, and that there would be sausages.  It is really nothing.  She is just a fan of sausages, that’s all.  I can see that something is starting to flourish.  Maybe she wants flowers.  That’s something of a good start for a relationship that started out from nothing.

I can understand why she wants flowers.  With flowers, you can make nice things.  You can make nice things like bread.  Wait a minute, did she say she liked flowers or flours?  Did she mean bags of flours?  Is there something else I’m missing here?  I don’t mean to make something out of nothing, but something else is going here.  I think you should make flowers out of flour. 

In the absence of sausages, you will need something to offer her.  That ought to fix any misunderstanding between you and that lady.  If it so happens that sausages are not there, she won’t have the excuse to start something out of nothing because you made flowers out of flour to please her.  Besides, flowers that are made of flour are both delicious and aromatic.  Imagine showing up at her doorstep without anything to offer her.  That would be something!  The aroma of what you made will be truly something!

Aroma is something.  You cannot smell something if there is nothing to smell.  Try to smell something.  You will know for sure that smelling cannot work unless something is there to smell or be smelled, and nothing can deny that. This could only be true if there is something and not nothing.  Who knew? Some of this stuff makes sense only by trying to understand some of
the ideas I introduced here.  Hmm…if you think not hard about this, some of it does make some sense.

This theory of mine is utter somesense.  I guess I made something out of nothing after all…


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