Tales Of The Strange: The Final Moment

Blood streams down and blurs my vision. A brutal strike from nowhere; my nose is broken. A splash bathes my face soaking down my neck, chest, and shoulders.  I taste my blood gushing down the nostrils. The end is near: this is it.

Surrounded by darkness, moisture creeps its way soaking up from down below. Its stench fills the air and flows into my lungs. It enters forcefully into my nostrils; it is almost impossible to exhale its foulness. 

My breathing increases and sweat drips profusely; my body itches. Now comes a wave of extreme pain, and then another wave of itching. Sweat bursts out the skin with oil oozing from the pores with excruciating intensity — a puddle of sticky, thick, heavy, and eerily warm carcass stew.

Fat melts from within as the flesh begins to sag. The heat intensifies; the charring fumes overpower the already unbearable stench.

Muscles are in great pain; each fiber shrivels and hisses under the heat — unwaveringly scorched beyond recognition. Sounds of popping fill my ears as the heat moves higher; my skin shrivels at its advance.

The excruciating itch blends with utter pain as my head gets dizzy; fluids from within froth slowly and steadily. Blazing agony sears my lips and my will to scream. Vocal chords are bound and able to utter a sound no longer — fried and fused, its vibrations lost with no room to escape. 

Something leaves my body and I rise with it. The pain stops at once, but I am shocked, saddened, and horrified. Down below is a heap of charring, searing, scalding matter, and a skull engulfed in fire rocks back and forth.

My senses float, trying hard to escape the seemingly dark corridor in desperation — wildly seeking the minute hint of light at the far end.

The narrow darkness widens ever so slowly as I attempt to reach towards the seemingly evading exit; a light blinds my sight with growing intensity. 

Freedom, at last, floating above, I rise away. Calm and in utter serenity, I gently reach for the great beyond. An astral path appears before me: I am skeptical.

The path glows brighter: I follow in faith. It is peace at last; I am one with the universe.


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