Reflection Corner: Pave The Way That You Must Walk

Pave The Way That You Must Walk

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. – William Shakespeare 

Sometimes You Don’t Choose Your Path

Pave the way that you must walk on.  Your path asks to be created.  The way to your destiny is none of the ones you know.

You parents have your future path laid out for you.

Maybe you follow the path your friends choose to go.

Maybe you admire someone and choose to go their path instead.

You see yourself with a plan to become the someone you were meant to be.

As time goes on, the path becomes less and less clear.

Obstacles surface, hardships take place, and you can barely keep up.




Your once clear future is now a dot of a light at the end of a very long tunnel.






You watch others succeed.  Every direction you look, someone achieves what they set out to do.  When you look back at yourself, nothing ever works and nothing ever worked. 

Your life revolves around frustration, failure, and loss.

There is seldom anything worthy of celebration.





Opportunities are lost, jobs seldom work out, and everything you want or ever wanted never came to fruition.  You are trapped between fences with little space to move. 






It is not from lack of trying, but something holds you back – you know not what it is.  Everything else moves forward to someplace somewhere, but you trudge in circles.




Sometimes Your Path Chooses You


If all of this sounds familiar to you, do not despair. 

You have been ignoring all the clear signs up to this point.

Carve out a new road, go down the path less traveled – pave your way.

That road that others have traveled is not for you.

The road that is frequently traveled is not for you.



Be enterprising.  Fear and worry no more.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   Make room for a new beginning.

Pave the way you must walk.  Your path has yet to exist.  It beckons to be created.  It calls for you – make it come true.



Take it upon yourself to start anew and do something you haven’t done before.  Part away from the conventional. 









The hands of fate brought you to this time and place to start you in a new direction.




Be Bold And Start Anew

The path to success is not always the path that is laid out.  The path you must travel is the path you must pave.







You will have to cover the uncharted territory, cross treacherous waters, and climb the mountains and hills that no one wants to climb.

If you paid your dues and you haven’t given up, the path ahead will show a glimpse of success.  It is never easy.





Sometimes you don’t choose your path.

Your path chooses you. Pave the path that you must walk.

Create the path that needs to be.

Your new destiny awaits.





Let us reflect upon this and make ourselves achieve something we thought we never could.


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