Bunsenlab Linux: A Linux Console Text Installation

Getting Bunsenlabs Linux And Making Preparations… My last blog about Bunsenlab Linux dealt with the overall impression, quality, and overall user experience of the Bunsenlab Linux. This Linux installation is fairly easy and straightforward.  Bunsenlab Linux is a fairly light…


We Model the World We Want To Change

Making a Difference Then… In my previous job working for the I.T industry, changing the world meant to keep vital technology in working order and implementing new technology to increase productivity.  If I could keep technology from causing anyone trouble…


Secure the Content: Backing Up Your WordPress Site

Why Bother To Back Up Your WordPress Site? Backup your WordPress site and secure all that valuable content. In the world of computing, nothing is perfect.  Power Outage, computer component failure, unexpected accidents, and countless other unthinkable events may take…


Tales Of The Strange: A Theory of Utter Somesense

Some say that you cannot make something out of nothing.  However, nothing people say has any truth, if at all.  That’s because people often say something but really mean nothing  – or something else.  Some mathematicians say that if you…


Tales Of The Strange: The Final Moment

Blood streams down and blurs my vision. A brutal strike from nowhere; my nose is broken. A splash bathes my face soaking down my neck, chest, and shoulders.  I taste my blood gushing down the nostrils. The end is near: this…


Bunsenlab Linux: The Rocky Balboa of Desktop Linux

  The Underdog Shall Rise: Balboa Gets Ready for Apollo This is a Linux review for Bunsenlab Linux, a lightning-fast desktop Linux distribution. In my continuous search for the best Linux desktop, curiosity and necessity lead me to paths previously…


Linux: The History and Profile of a Unix Wannabe

About this “Yet Another Linux Origin Blog” Here is another post about Linux and its origins.  I know you are rolling your eyes right about now. I felt compelled to write my own version of the Linux origin history to…


Starting A Blog: More Than Meets the Eye

In the Beginning… This blog is to help beginning bloggers set up a reliable and trouble-free website from scratch. Never Underestimate Underestimating has been the theme for me for the last two week during the launch of this blog.  …


Blog One: An Alpha Blog

This blog is “Under Construction” More exciting coverage of more exciting topics…coming up next