Don’t Find Motivation: Let It Come To You

The Nature Of Motivation

What is the secret to motivation?  What fuels it?

Motivation is like a force within you that keeps you moving and going forward.


Let’s Get To The Source

Think about a time or the times in your life when you were motivated or found motivation:

It could have been when you were…

  • Having a gut feeling about the potential of an idea with a solid vision in your mind
  • Enjoying what you are doing or what you are about to do because it is worth your time
  • Knowing exactly the positive results you’ll get when something is done

Looking From The Outside In

Think about it.

The source of motivation is really about the clarity of a vision and the confidence of its realization.

You become motivated because you are in control of what you do.  You know EXACTLY what you want, what needs to get it done, and you have a great degree of certainty in the results you are going to get.  

You know with great confidence that your effort will be greatly rewarded and it will not be a waste of your time and energy.

Motivation follows.

That’s what motivates you.  That’s what drives motivation.

This also means that you become unmotivated when you don’t know what you are doing and you are unsure of the results you will get.

Why would bother taking action at all when you have no clue whether something is worth the trouble?

Motivation just vanishes.

Motivation, from this new perspective, is not something you should aspire to get.  It is the consequence of your action and not the origin.

Be A Motivation Magnet

With this new understanding about motivation, let’s rethink about the way to motivate ourselves.

For that matter, let’s focus on skills like developing clear goals, clarity of thought, and the confidence to realize and reach the results we seek.  

Motivation will not only find you.  For as long as you know your purpose and have a clear vision, motivation will be your lifelong friend.

Armed with this new take on motivation, let’s stop for a moment and think.

What will you do next time?  What will you do to create the right opportunity and attract the motivation you need into your life?




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