We Model the World We Want To Change

Making a Difference Then…

In my previous job working for the I.T industry, changing the world meant to keep vital technology in working order and implementing new technology to increase productivity.  If I could keep technology from causing anyone trouble while using it, then I knew I had made a difference.

Making A Difference Today…

When I began my job as an elementary school teacher, I realized that what mattered most to my students was how I conducted myself as a human being.  It was not exactly about what I could offer them academically, but it was more about what I modeled and lived by as a person.  As a teacher, I realized that I could not ask and get students to change by just talking to them and nagging them.  I had to become a role model, stand my ground, and practice what I preached.  Even when I practiced what I preached, it would take a while before students were convinced to follow in my footsteps and accepted my leadership – sometimes reluctantly.

We Emulate What We Love and We Follow Our Passion

We look around and see the world for what it is these days: a really big mess.

Complexity plagues our lives and nothing is ever simply right or wrong anymore.  Sometimes it seems that things are just spinning out of control, and there is not much we can do about it.

As we live each day, we see many things that make little sense and we wish it could be otherwise.

Sometimes we reminisce about the good old days when life was simpler and people conducted their lives with more integrity and character.  Sometimes we wish we could change the world to make it a better place, to the way it once was – now just a blurry distant past.


The people that we admire and inspire us to dream and seek success are not people who TELL US what we need to do to succeed and try to change us.  It is more likely that we watched them from afar, admired something about them, and decided to follow in their footsteps, hoping to achieve their success.  People change only if THEY choose to change; we cannot make them do it – not willingly and permanently.  They change when the time is right for them and when they find the role model they see fit to emulate.

We Model The World We Want To Change

A cliche that still holds a truth we take for granted

I have come to accept a fact that I have always considered a cliche until now.

No matter what happens out there, the truth is, we can do little to influence matters and mold it to our liking.  The world does not exist for our convenience; it exists for its own purpose and we just happen to be in the way.

The only way things are going to change for us is if we change ourselves.  We have to adjust, adapt, and reinvent ourselves every so often to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.  It will go on with or without us. 


The world “changes” for us by reacting to how we change ourselves.  We should everyone else around us the POSSIBILITY of a new reality and a new refreshing perspective – a torch in the midst of darkness.


If we want the world to react for us in a particular way, then we will have to change enough of ourselves in the amount that we desire to get the world to react respectively.

Change is not easy and change is not something easy to get used to.

What Will You Do To Change The World?

How can we change ourselves to get the reaction we want from those around us?  How do we find the strength to motive the change we want to see?








Let us all reflect upon these thoughts and see what we can do to make the positive changes we seek…





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