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There is a philosopher in all of us.
However, many of us choose to ignore it.

Get reacquainted with your inner philosopher and let your inner-thoughts guide you.

Don’t ignore your intuition.

Your potential has yet to be unleashed.

Let your higher thinking guide you on the journey.

Financial freedom is great, but is freedom without a higher purpose?

Rethink your purpose in life as you climb towards financial freedom.

Make life choices you won’t regret. Live a life worth living.

Reflection Corner: Pave The Way That You Must Walk

Pave The Way That You Must Walk Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. – William Shakespeare  Sometimes You Don’t Choose Your Path Pave the way that you must walk on.  Your path asks…


We Model the World We Want To Change

Making a Difference Then… In my previous job working for the I.T industry, changing the world meant to keep vital technology in working order and implementing new technology to increase productivity.  If I could keep technology from causing anyone trouble…


Blog One: An Alpha Blog

This blog is “Under Construction” More exciting coverage of more exciting topics…coming up next