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Are you starting a blog from scratch?
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Tao Of Blogging: 10 Reasons A Blog Gets No Traffic

10 Reasons A Blog Gets No Traffic There are 10 reasons why a new blog gets no traffic.  If you are new to blogging, you also need to know that it takes time, a lot of work, and persistence to…


Tao Of Blogging: A Notion For Entrepreneurship You Never Considered

Yearning To Fulfill Your Entrepreneurial Dream   The entrepreneur stereotype drives people to take unnecessary risks The dream of entrepreneurship drives aspiring businessmen to quit their jobs too soon in the hopes of reaping the great rewards. Risk it all to…


Tao Of Blogging: 9 Secrets Pro Bloggers Aren’t Telling Us

In Search Of Truth… In my quest to seek out the “blogging secrets”, I follow the big bloggers out there and a few others. I search for the missing pieces that successful bloggers “forget” tell us. A successful pro blogger basically…


Tao Of Blogging: The Ever Elusive Good Content

The Holy Grail of Blogging: “Good Content” Good content for the beginning blogger may be the most elusive of all the quests for successful blogging. A quest you say?  Knowing the meaning of what is good content is the holy…


Secure the Content: Backing Up Your WordPress Site

Why Bother To Back Up Your WordPress Site? Backup your WordPress site and secure all that valuable content. In the world of computing, nothing is perfect.  Power Outage, computer component failure, unexpected accidents, and countless other unthinkable events may take…


Starting A Blog: More Than Meets the Eye

In the Beginning… This blog is to help beginning bloggers set up a reliable and trouble-free website from scratch. Never Underestimate Underestimating has been the theme for me for the last two week during the launch of this blog.  …